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"NTHN has brought us an important message and the hope is that other men reach out if they are feeling down"

- Llewelyn Screen, A&R Factory

"An intriguing display of musical prowess"

- Danu, Indie Buddie

Cloud rap artist and producer from the North West, England, NTHN draws from hip hop and emo rap. Composing and sampling dark and ambient atmospheric sounds inspired by metal and emo genres, NTHN is inspired by his immediate surroundings and is using his music to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and displays of vulnerability.

A self-taught producer, he started out as purely instrumental but began to bring in his own vocals with the release of his Tides EP. His latest release, Delta, is an exploration of both his identity and musical influences, as he details his struggle with mental health whilst spanning multiple genres and growing in confidence with his sound.